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CU-Online is our Internet homebanking product that provides 24/7 secure online access to member’s accounts within the Credit Union.

  • View your account history
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make NAECU Loan Payments
  • Check clearing images
  • Download account history into Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Sign-up for Electronic statements (eStatements) – for more information about eStatements, refer to the Statement section listed below.
  • Register your smart phone and start using our free Mobile Banking. Please refer to the instructions listed below.

**Account history and check clearing images are retained for 400 days!!!**

To enroll your account for CU-ONLINE HOMEBANKING ACCESS

  • Click on the Homebanking Access on our home page
  • Click the Enroll Now link Under section with security info, 
  • Follow instructions to complete the process to enroll your account

NOTE: The enrollment must be completed with the PRIMARY OWNER’S information.

The full terms and conditions of CU-Online are available on the CU-Online enrollment page. New users will be required to review and accept the terms of CU-Online prior to account access. Users will have to click on the link "Terms and Conditions" before checking the box beside
"I have read and agree to...".

PLEASE NOTE: When using CU-Online, your computer browser my prompt a warning box stating that “secure and non-secure data will be displayed, do you want to continue?”. High security settings on various browsers prompt this message simply because they don’t know whether a site is secure or not. CU-Online provides secure information at all times while on the CU-Online site.

Members are STRONGLY encouraged to maintain anti-virus / anti-spam software on their own computers to reduce the possibility of spyware applications that could record passwords and key strokes.

**Online Homebanking is a free service to our members. However, inactive users will be deleted from the product after 6 months of inactive use. **


  • Members can choose to receive their statements Hard Copy or Electronic Copy (eStatements).
    • To enroll for eStatements – once you have enrolled your account for Online Homebanking access, you will click on eStatement and follow sign-up instructions.
    • eStatements are available to the member for a retention time frame of 13 months after the initial sign-up for eStatements.
    • eStatements do require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the statements. Click here for the Adobe site to download the free Adobe Reader.

NOTE: Members are encouraged to download or print any eStatement or check clearing image if there would be a need for longer storage timeframes. (The credit union will have these items available but there would be a fee if the credit union has to provide copies.)


  • Forgot User ID or Security Code
    • USER ID – you will have to come into any of our locations to obtain your User ID
    • Security Code – click on the “Forgot Security Code” button and you will be emailed a temporary code to access your account. You will need to make sure you keep a valid email address updated on your account.
      • Once you receive the temporary code – enter in the temp code and then you will be prompt to change the code.
      • When ask to enter in the Current Security Code – this is the temporary code
      • Every time you get reset, you will have to create a new code following the guidelines listed on the screen (8-16 character, at least 2 Letters and 2 Numbers, code you haven’t used in the past, and only Alpha and Numeric characters)

    **For security reasons, we cannot reset Security Codes over the telephone. The Credit Union is responsible for the safety and privacy of your funds. If your account is compromised and funds stolen, the Credit Union is responsible for that loss. Our objective is to protect your accounts and prevent unauthorized access. We thank you for your cooperation in these efforts.

  • JOINT ACCOUNT - If you have joint accounts that you cannot see in homebanking, please call any of our offices to have these joint accounts added to your list for viewing.
  • Please note: There would be a one business day delay on access to the joint account(s) for the first time since these accounts are added in the back office cycle.

  • Check Images not available
    • Our members are currently using checks that were ordered before our New Conversion on September 2010 and checks that were ordered after our conversion. These two different check orders create a problem for viewing. If you can’t view your checks images, please contact the credit union so we can modify your account for viewing your check images.
    • If a check was presented for payment but the merchant processed the check as a Pre-authorized Debit then the check wouldn’t be available because the check wasn’t processed as a check. It was processed as a debit.
    • If the check was processed by back office for any reason (NSF, incorrect MICR line, etc) the check will not be available for viewing because the check was manually processed.
    • If the payee presents the check for payment at one of our offices – the check will not be available for viewing because it was manually processed.
    • If a new window does not open when you click the check # link – Your internet browser is most likely blocking “POP-UP” boxes. Check your POP UP Blocker settings and select allow pop ups from this site
    • eStatements
      • If you click on the sign-up for eStatements and you receive a message that there aren’t any available statements – this means you have no electronic statements available for viewing at this time. Once you have initially enrolled in eStatements, your next month’s statement should be available for viewing after the statement is produced and thereafter until you de-enroll from eStatements.
      • If you receive the “Transferring to eStatements” message and it doesn’t move on to the next screen – check your POP UP Blocker settings. You must always allow pop ups from this site.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money is now available! Members with our existing CU-Online Home Banking can now access their accounts through their cell phone with our Mobile Money service. Need to transfer funds at the supermarket? You can do that on your cell phone while standing in line. Best of all, Mobile Money is a FREE service!

Phone applications are available for the i-Phone and Android phones.


Must have CU-Online Homebanking access set up for your account.

To Sign-up for Mobile Banking Search for the Touchbanking (Fiserv) app in your phone App Store.

Download the app. You will be asked to enter your Login ID as your User Name.

You will be asked to enter the App Code: Use "GoMobile0361" as the code You will be asked to answer one of your Security Questions.

Bill Payment Service

Pay your bills online with our FREE Bill Payment Service. Our free bill payment service allows you to make your payments and transfer funds from NAECU to another institution by a click of a button. No more waiting in line to mail your payments; just set up your payees and send the payment through our Free Bill Payment service. The funds are pulled directly from your checking account without having to write a check. Fast and Free!!!

Requirements for our Bill Payment Service:

  • Active Checking account and Online Homebanking access

Checking Account - If you don’t have a checking account, please stop by any of our locations and apply for a free checking account today.

To enroll for our Free Bill Payment Service - please click on the Bill Pay icon located on the bottom of our home page. Click the ENROLL option and follow the page instructions. Enrollment information: For your User ID we recommend using your account number. Your PIN will need to be 6-20 characters, Alpha and Numeric only. The DEMO button is helpful to learn about the bill payment features.